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Gastro Panel

Approximately half of the patients suffering from Helicobacter pylori are affected to various degree with the development of atrophic gastritis, while about 10% of them have gastritis of a semi-severe or sever degree. In an area with severe chronic atrophic inflammation of the gastric mucosa, the feared carcinoma may be formed, which happens in 2.5-5% of cases. With non-atrophic HP-positive gastritis, the risk of gastric cancer is four times higher. With chronic atrophic gastritis, the risk is 15 times higher.  For the patient, severe chronic atrophic pangastritis means that the risk of stomach cancer is 90 times higher in comparison to an individual with healthy stomach mucosa.

Gastro Panel Diagnostic Kitis an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) intended for the quantitative determination of the following parameters in human EDTA plasma or serum:

  • Pepsinogen I and II (PG I, PG II),
  • Antibodies against Helicobacter Pylori in IgG class (anti-HP IgG)
  • Gastrin-17 (G-17).

Gastro Panel is a non-invasive method by which it is possible to identify the anatomical and functional state of the stomach mucosa by means of the determination of individual parameters and their mutual ratios:

  • Reveal or exclude the inflammation process of mucosa (PG II)
  • Reveal or exclude atrophic gastritis, especially in a region of stomach corpus (PG I)
  • Reveal or exclude atrophic gastritis in a region of gastric antrum (G-17)
  • Reveal or exclude current or anamnestic HP infection.

Gastro Panel Basic

With respect to the instability of G-17 and the necessity for centrifugal processing followed by the processing of a serum within 30 minutes of sampling, this is not easily realized in Slovak consulting rooms, thus the so-called Gastro Panel Basic examination – the combination of the examination of PG I, PG II and anti-HP IgG is carried out in practice.

More informations at www.gastropanel.com


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