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BIOHIT HP UFT300 Quick Test

Helicobacter Pylori infection is the most important cause of atrophic gastritis. The abdominal mucosa that is inhabited by H. pylori is permanently inflamed – this state is referred to as chronic superficial (non-atrophic) gastritis that if untreated lasts for the whole of our life. The chronic inflammation process may lead to atrophic gastritis that is connected with peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer – the two most severe diseases of the upper part of gastrointestinal tract.

BIOHIT HP UFT300 Ultra Quick Test serves for rapid diagnosis of H. Pylori infection from a biopsy sample of stomach mucosa. It is based on the detection of the activity of urease produced by the HP bacteria in stomach biopsy samples. The result can be read in 5 minutes.


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We are a Slovak company representing selected foreign producers offering innovative solutions in the area of diagnostics and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

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