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Celiac disease is a lifelong disease characterized by permanent autoimmune gluten intolerance which causes damage to the small intestine mucosa and immune system. The disease occurs in genetically predisposed people who consume gluten present in wheat, rye, barley, Kamut, spelt and oats. Dühring′s dermatitis herpetiformis is a dermal form of celiac disease. Epidemiological data clearly showsthe worldwide growth of prevalence that doubles every 20 years. Globally, the prevalence of celiac disease amounts to 1% but there are significant differences between countries.

The BIOHIT CELIAC Quick Test detects the presence of antibodies for tissue transglutaminase (anti t-TG) in the patients blood by lateral immunochromatography.

An increase of the antibodies for tissue transglutaminase is generally accepted as an indicator of celiac disease.

The test can ascertain the presence of anti-tTg antibodies in three classes: IgA, IgG, IgM. Thus, it also reveals celiac disease with patients who have an IgA deficit (up to 2% of patients with celiac disease).

The BIOHIT CELIAC Quick Test is a so-called qualitative test; thus, the results are the confirmation or exclusion of an increased level of antibodies in relation to a normal level. It does not identify a specific level of antibodies.

The Quick Test for celiac disease shows a high sensitivity and specificity (parameters of perceptiveness and precision) with which it can confirm or refute celiac disease.

A drop of blood is taken from a patients finger, examined and the result is available in 10 minutes.                              


More information at www.celiak.sk


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